Samosir Island is a small island with the size almost as wide and Singapore and located in the middle of the biggest lake of Indonesia that is Lake Toba. The location of this lake is exactly in the middle of Sumatra island, but administratively it is now included in the province of North Sumatra. At the distance of 176 kms from the capital city of Medan where one can enjoy a beautiful panorama during driving from the city of Medan to the city of Parapat, the biggest town on the beach of Lake Toba. Traveller can choose to stay at any hotel within Parapat town or directly crossing the lake to Samosir island with only 25 minutes. On the island of Samosir there are many hotel from simple to 3 star are available along the beach of the lake. Most interesting places both history and ethnography are exist on the island of Samosir, especially the history of Batak king with his artefacts.

Tour packages designed to visit Samosir island are all in combination with Berastagi town, Parapat town, and lake Toba. No single tour is organized only to visit Samosir island due to the distance from the city of Medan which is 176 kms. Such a tremendous distance is not effective sightseeing unless for the purposes of reseaches. Tour package choice links is on the top right of this page.

Between Medan and Samosir Island

There are many places to visit along the way from the natural beauties such as water falls, traditional Batak houses, ancient Batak king palace, various local product markets especially the agricultural products. North Sumatra is well known since the colonization of Dutch with its vast plantation estates of coffee, cacao, rubber, tobacco, and pepper. North Sumatra is known as the land of the Batak which is a special ethnic group of Indonesia sharing the same history and culture with the rest of Indonesian. The Batak are mostly Christian owe to the Dutch missionaries in the turn of 19th century. One of the most historical places of the Christian heritages in North Sumatra is found in the city of Medan, the biggest city on West Indonesia, and the 3rd biggest city of Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya on the island of Java. This heritages is known as the Maria the Healer.

Volcanic Creation

Samosir island is believed as the result of tremendous volcanic explosion some 70.000 years ago, creating tremendous calderas which is now Lake Toba. Volcanologists estimated that the creation of the calderas and Samosir island was made at least by 3 consecutive explosions or eruptions. Today the island of Samosir is home to the Batak ethnic called Batak Toba and a historical places can still be seen today on the island such as the cemetery of Sidabutar king on the southern part of the island supposed to originated from the year of 1600, and the altar of meeting and slaughting the cought enemies on the eastern side of the island. Samosir island has now become the most popular travel destination in North Sumatra and is one of the inspiration for the development of various travel related services in Medan city, Berastagi town, Parapat and on the island itself. Along eastern beach of Samosir island one can find dozens of hotels from non star to stared hotels. A one day tour program visiting interesting places on the island can be organized by boat to stop and go the beach of the island.


Sumatra island offers great choice of sightseeing such as orangutans, lake Toba, traditional Batak village, water fall, and various wild life farming and plantations. Lake Toba is the most beautiful scenery in Indonesia with Samosir island on it, creation of natural disaster 70.000 years ago Lake Toba Tour Package Lake Toba Samosir

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