Tour Packages
There are various tour packages can be arranged in North Sumatra from City tour of Medan, Lake Toba and Samosir island, Recreation at the area of Berastagi, Visit Orangutans at Bohorok on the foot of Mount Leuser, and others.
Most packages in North Sumatra requires pre booked meals due to the length of the travel can not be less then 2 days in good timing. The shortest is Medan city tour that can be organized within 5 hours if the pick up and drop from any hotel within the city. When the pick up is from Kuala Namu airport it will be more then 5 hours, yet still can be arranged without meal. If the tour is designed to visit places such as Orangutans, Berastagi, Lake Toba and Samosir island, which are the most interesting places in North Sumatra, the need of meal arrangment is a must.

Restaurants in Tour Stop and Towns
The people of North Sumatra are mostly Christians except in the region of Mandailing where moslem are many, but most restaurant owners are Chinese and people from Minangkabau who are mostly moslem also, a fiew of them are Javanese moslem. Yet the type of meals is not depending what is his/her religion, they can serve any type of food, halal, vegetarian, chinese or others. To be sure of the meal requirements travellers would better to have their travel arrangment to North Sumatra be booked in advance, so an intensive communication in preparation can be done to avoid any mistake that would be difficult to fix in short time, while time is too important in any type of travel package in North Sumatra. As the first choice traveller can consult from the list of packages presented here and inform us about meal requirements visit site


Sumatra island offers great choice of sightseeing such as orangutans, lake Toba, traditional Batak village, water fall, and various wild life farming and plantations. Lake Toba is the most beautiful scenery in Indonesia with Samosir island on it, creation of natural disaster 70.000 years ago Lake Toba Tour PackageLake Toba Samosir

Shrimad temple Medan