This article is taken from below url, as proof that no society is untouched by the practice of this sex life unless the society realizes how to overcome this by accepting that the practice is exist. Posted on 25 September 2010 by Sifuli. Writer's research disclosed that hundreds of massage in the type of traditional, shihatsu, or reflexi with the price from Rp 35.000 to Rp 70.000 per hour are available in the city of Medan. It is suspected that many of them offering special service, either their company or their therapists. With profliferation of such companies the competition become more and more tough.In this situation it is well understod that added value would be the only way to attract visitors. Added value such as therapists who is young, attractive and sexy.

Towad the evening executive persons who need relaxation including special service will visit one of the massage center.

One service known is mandi Kucing, is a drive to sexual passion by sexy therapists. The therapists offers visitors with pricing at what level the serive is wanted. From hand job, mandi kucing ( literlly cat bath ) and up to sexual transaction. It is not surprising because this subject has been become public discussion every where, not only in Medan that sex transaction is always exist without being able to be suppressed unless the society confess that this practice is exists and must be regulate with strick guide line. For example the existence of mandi kucing is a true sex drive, it is unavoidable for normal person, as the massage using body of the therapist with naked body both visitor and therapist. With the prices offered then it is no obstacle for evey one to continue this massge to further transaction. According to writer mandi kucing can be found at Yiu Yiu, Plaza ( Ada PanLok), Gemini, 3D(:Delta D’rush, Diamond), and Permata Griya Massage.

Dark Entertainments are also presence in the city of Medan as reported by many writers on line. It seems that old style of government needs to change their vision.

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