As tour operator to often got questions from guest who planned to have tour packages in North Sumatra with overnight in Medan on what is best night life entertainment in the city of Medan, Berastagi and Parapat. Since it is only Medan that offers such entertainment, below information is take from writing posted by dhanierastavara / 8 Juni 2015 researching on various night life entertainment in the city of Medan.

1. Karaoke Equator di Novotel Soechi
Is a night life entertainment located at 4 star hotel offering facilities for karaoke, life music, drinks, various other services.

2. Jet Plan at Medan Fair Plaza
It is said that Jet Plane Karaoke is safe from police surveillance and investigation, as this is place for government high officials to refuge, and is said extasi transaction is exist by writer. May be this is a place for those expatriat also? It is strange that in the fight against drug and narcotic still exist such an amusement with illegal transaction?

3. Yang Lim Plaza at Jalan Emas
The have karaoke or discotheque named X3 for those who love to overnight entertainment to forget daily life and enjoy the stream of music, situation and imagination. In short it is hard to express by words, and only those who use to enjoy who understand the situation.

4. Elegant KTV di Jalan Gatot Subroto
In the past it was known as M City of Majesty Entertainment until it was damaged by fire burning in 4 December 2009 then change name into Elegant. This entertainment offers facilities of Spa, massage, and karaoke. The sound of music is defning, even can be heard from outside of the wall, so for those who want to plunge themselves into chaotic music is a place to see. Writer also head that in this place one can find extasi with easy.

5. New Zone jln. Wajir
Is one of the popular night place in Medan, as it is manned by senior DJ from Medan and is said as discotheque legend in Medan.
6. Station KTV jln.Wajir simp. Jl pemuda, Medan
7.My Paradise jln.Kumango Lp.Merdeka
8.Lee Garden (LG) jln.Nibung
9.Super Disqotik jln. Nibung
10.Clasicall jln.Putri hijau
11.Tobasa jln.Imam Bonjol

Dark Entertainments are also presence in the city of Medan as reported by many writers on line. It seems that old style of government needs to change their vision.

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