When one search about entertainmen in Medan, it can resulting dozens of informations about various latest activities of amusement, and night life in the city of Medan. It seems that in bigger cities it is un-avoidable such types of entertainment, although governments and the people do not acknowledge that this type of entertainment should be declared illegal. One of the article is from Kristian Amarita posted on 26 March 2014 saying that 8 night lifes are very popular in Medan. Here are some of them Music Temple, Classical Executive Karaoke, Millenium Three M3, Tobasa Club, Retrospective Entertainment Club, and Diskotik XXX3 Club.

Some entertainment has its own color and uniqueness, some organizes event by hiring artist from capital city or foreign DJ to make the event special for the visitors. 2 Bars serve alcoholic drinks as the regular visit of expatriats such as Shoots Bar and Soho Cafe. It is also said that these two bars become place of students and learnt people to kill time, strange! intellectual and candidates enjoying such entertainment. The Capital Building an entertainment complex offers karaoke special place, bar, Chinese restaurant and bar. This building is located at Jalan Putri Hijau in the center of Medan city.

Family night entertainment such as family karaoke can see Inul Vista, K2 Family Karaoke, and Nav. These entertainments offers complete facilities for family amusement and it is started from evening up to the morning of next day. There are some other entertainment worth mentioning are The View at Grand Swiss Belhotel, Diskotik Kristal Perisai Plaza, Diskotik Iguana Medan Baru Plaza, Equator KTV & Pub Hongkong Plaza, F1 Discotheque at Jalan Wazir / Jalan Kolonel Sugiono, Tropicana KTV, Stroom Bistro at Jalan Listrik, Elite (M-City) at Jalan Gatot Subroto and others.

Dark Entertainments are also presence in the city of Medan as reported by many writers on line. It seems that old style of government needs to change their vision.

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