Medan city just like other big cities of Indonesia, offers complete collection of local and imported products and even licensed brands for local production. Place such as along Jalan Akhmad Yani offers the most complete varieties of product show up for any one visiting the city. Still as the category of third world, prices are low which is the competitive advantage of the merchants in the city, compared to any cities in Asian countries. What people can find here are various products from antique waving, Dutch pottery, carvings, sport equipments, musical instruments, cloths, shoes, jewelry, electrical goods, cosmetics and others.

Deli Plaza
Deli Plaza is one of the shopping centers in the city of Medan covering 3 shopping complexes adjacent each others winch is the pioneer of shopping center in the city. With the emergence of new supermarket with newer concept Deli Plaza renovated their premises, and will be reconstructed into new great supermarket which combined the 3 complexes into one central shopping center. With this new plan will be renamed Deli Grand City, in which will be shopping centers, convention hall, apartment, offices, restaurants, and hotel. The size of the area is 5 hectares and will be ready by 2010. The plan is that the apartment with 15 floors, tower for offices in 27 floors, five star hotel with 15 floors, and shopping center in 15 floors.

Medan Mall
Medan Mall is one of the biggest shopping center in Medan city encircled by the traditional and modern shopping center which is now being used by Matahari Department Store, and Macan Yaohan Supermarket. Medan Mall is often too crowded with visitors because its location is closed to the other market, just east of the area is Plaza Olimpia which has been constructed far before Medan Mall, on the west of Medan Mall is Gedung Uniland and the Big Station of Kota Medan around 500 meters. Around this area the traffic is very dense and often happened traffic jam.

Plaza Millennium
Plaza Millennium is a shopping center located in the area of Medan Helvetia on Jalan Kapten Muslim, special to sell electronic goods and computer parts. Other type of goods can also be found here, and the most important is that this place is often used s the place for special event.

Sun Plaza
A shopping center exist in Singapre and Medan, for Medan it was built in 2004 and until today the only shopping center with most complete selection of goods, so it is popular among young or student for their recreation and shopping due to its comfortable building and environment. The location is close to the office of governor of North Sumatra, Mesjid Agung or Grand Mosque, SMA I Medan, Apartment Cambridge, and other important places around the area. Within the plaza there is also Bioskop 21, ring ice skating, and department store Sogo


Sumatra island offers great choice of sightseeing such as orangutans, lake Toba, traditional Batak village, water fall, and various wild life farming and plantations. Lake Toba is the most beautiful scenery in Indonesia with Samosir island on it, creation of natural disaster 70.000 years ago Lake Toba Tour Package Lake Toba Samosir

Shrimad temple Medan