Lake TobaLake Toba is the biggest lake in Indonesia even according to the geological office of Indonesia this lake is the widest volcanic lake in the world, located on the area of Karo highland, one of the Batak people country located 230 kms south of Medan city. The length of the lake is 100 kms width 30 kms which was created by super volcanic eruption between 70.000 to 100.000 years ago. It is said the effect of its eruption was up to Africa and Europe, causing climate change and responsible for the disappearance of many living beings.

A peninsula on Lake TobaAccording to the volcanologists, the eruption was not once, but 4 times or at least at four places creating 4 caldera, which left 4 cones also. The last eruption intersected the other 3 as it was the longest and causing subsequent collapse of the land and forming great crater filled with water. While in the middle of the lake an uplifted land is forming by the force of magma become Samosir island. The uplift is also seen such as Pusuk bukit at the southwestern margin of the caldera, Uluan peninsula. Lake Toba lies near the Great Sumatran fault, which runs along the centre of Sumatra.

Nature has created such natural catastrophe in the past which is now a place of interest for the people all over the world to see directly the place, and is become the main mark of north Sumatra.

There are many myths about the formation of lake Toba. The myth makes sense if we try to understand the main meaning of it with the situation when the mega eruption happened, and if only this story is descended from the people who experienced the eruption. If this is correct, many theories that assumed the extinct of all living beings around the area would not make sense. This is happened also among the experts that the effect of sudden drop of the temperature was happened before the eruption of lake Toba, so the sheer drop of wold temperature was not responsibility of lake Toba eruption.

The people living on the island of Samosir known as the Batak Toba, who claimed the origin of their ancestor at one spot on the island of Samosir. The tradition of this people was unique a bit different from the rest of Batak people in north Sumatra. The people on the island also entered the influence of western culture since the colony of the Dutch in the middle of 19th century. Many Christian missionaries came to this area and changed their tradition.

What is interesting besides natural beauties of Lake Toba, there are many such as hitoric places of the people, traditional dances, house architecture, and their burial traditons. Places such as Ambarita village, and Tor tor dance will be the most unique thing to see.


Sumatra island offers great choice of sightseeing such as orangutans, lake Toba, traditional Batak village, water fall, and various wild life farming and plantations. Lake Toba is the most beautiful scenery in Indonesia with Samosir island on it, creation of natural disaster 70.000 years ago Lake Toba Tour Package Lake Toba Samosir

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