Lumbini PagodaLumbini park offers beautiful panorama, as it is high altitude giving a nice temperature and beautiful views of hills and evergreen nature, a park laid out following original tophography of the area. In the park has been built a beautiful Buddhist Pagoda showing similarity of those in Thailand, but it is actually not much same as real pagoda, the top is more like Bajra Sandhi monument in Bali. Bajra is priest bell used during ritual in Bali with the sound like bicycle bell in the past. The pagoda is the biggest in Indonesia, with golden color paint.

It’s location on a hill of Tongkoh village, Berastagi which is a town already high on the mountain around 1.300 m above sea level give Lumbini a vintage point to the surrounding. Nature green color combined with strong golden color of the temple creating a view of contrast and magnificent impression of the area, beside the temple is in fact big size that naturally impressive to the view. It is just arising the feeling when seeing other monumental and historic edifices such as Borobudur, Prambanan and Istiqlal mosque.

Padoga Taman Lumbini is said as the replica of Swedagon in Myanmar, a country well known with its many beautiful pagodas old and new, as the strong base of Buddhism since early stage of the kingdom, but do not totally leaving their original tradition which is now already mixed with Buddhism. The competition of the kingdom with Cham ( Thais ) in the past also gave influence to its neighbor on the architecture of temple. Researches from national archaeology service also disclosed that was much probable that during Sriwijaya kingdom Indonesia also extended the region up to south Thailand and even Cambodia as published by Soewadji Syafei in Majalah Arkeologi Th I No.1 September 1977. That is why in Thailand there are many Buddhist temple look like Lumbini, beside the original Thai architecture like the merus in Bali. Central room is surrounded by four Buddhist rooms facing 4 directions. Central room is the place for visitor or praying. With 3 hectares land treated as garden following the land natural condition or tophography, creates beautiful views and is one of the properties of Berastagi as travel destination.


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