According to the record Medan was established by Raja Guru Patimpus in 1590, between the river of Deli and Babura, which is now near Jalan Putri Hijau. From the name of the founder it is no doubt that he was influenced by Indian culture. The name of raja means king, and guru means master or teacher, while Patimpus is a local name. By 16th century it is known that in North Sumatra exist 2 kingdoms, one was Aceh and the other is Deli. Deli is the beginning of todays Medan city. During 16th century to 17th century it is recorded that between Aceh and Deli always struggle for emporium. The Deli capital of the kingdom according the British who visited the area in 1823 found it was still a village with only 200 people.

History That Created Medan

In the turn of 19th century the Dutch seized the land and made it as colonial area. Knowing the great potential of the land vast size and incomparable fertile, a Dutch enterprise developed an estate of tobacco growing. Later not only tobacco but also pepper, rubber, coffee, palm oil, tea, and mining. These enterprises developed between 1865 to 1900. One of the most important plantation estate is the Pabatu coffle estate which is still can be seen until now. Medan soon sprang into busy town reaching 100.000 population by 1900 within only less then a decade. The development of Medan into giant city was encouraged by the plantation estates that needs labors. Many labors were imported from China, Java and Kalimantan, beside local people who previously lived on the highland. With this development of the city after the independence of Indoneia continued to received new comers make the city as the 3rd biggest city in Indonesia to reach 2 million population by the turn of 21th century, and giving the city a cosmopolitan character.

Maimoon Palace and Mesjid Raya

Maimoon Palace is reminiscent of Deli kingdom which is until now still occupied by the descendant of the king. This building is considered the most finest architecture in the city together with Mesjid Raya. Mesjid Raya is only 200 meters from the location of Maimoon palace. Mesjid Raya with its black dome is a beautiful architecture with clear influence of Western style. The Sultan of Deli is the commissioner of the establishement of this mosque. The location is close to the junction of Jalan Mejid Raya and Jalan Sisingamangaraja. The establishment of this Medan Grand Mosque was started in 1888 and now both Maimoon Palace and Grand Mosque are opened for public with donation instead of ticketed entrance.

Traditional Market of Medan

As most of cities in Indonesia Medan also has traditional market which place is in the center of the city. Most merchandise are relating also to traditional life of the people such as kitchenettes tools, daily cooking materials, clothing, cuttelery, accessories and others. Here are found artifacts that strongly ethnic in character, which can not be found in modern market, and can give an idea what North Sumatra produces traditionally. These type of traditional products might disappear in not very distance future due to the invention of most effective energy saving tools.

Crocodile Farm

One always fully visited during weekend and holidays is the crocs farm, located just on the northern side of the city. The farm is owned privately by local people and opened daily for visitors with entrance fee. This farm is a good place to bring the school children to know the wildest predator of semi salt water and the white water.


Medan city just like other big cities of Indonesia offers complete collection of local and imported products and even licensed brands for local production Place such as along jalan Akhmad Yani offers the most complete varieties of product show up for anyone visiting the city. Still as the category of third world, prices are low which is the competitive advantage of merchants in the city, compared to any cities in Asian countries. What people can find here are various products from antique weaving, Dutch pottery, carvings, sport equipments, musical instruments, cloths, shoes, jewelry, electrical goods, cosmetics and others, see some shopping mall.

Dining in the City

Since Medan city is a place for international stop not only for leisure and business travel, but the history also formed the variety of cuisines, rich in tastes. It is influenced also by the resident of the city, from Malay tradition, typical west Sumatra cuisines known as Padang food or Minang food, Chinese Japanese and European cuisines can be found in the city. Many places for good meals can be found such as at Taman Sri Deli which serves up class, located across Mesjid Raya. One popular for foreign visitors is Tip Top restaurant located at Jalan Akhmad Yani no. 92 which serves European Chinese and Minang Cuisine. The most authentic Sumatra cuisine such as Minang food can be fund at Restaurant Agung Jalan Pemuda no. 40, and Rumah Makan Family at Jalan Sisingamangaraja no. 81. Most of standard and up class hotels in the city serves European food.

Annai Velangkanni Church

Located at Jalan Sakura II Medan city, this unique Marian shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Good Heath is called Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni. Based on the popular decoration to Mary who is said to have appeared in 17th century in a coastal village called Veilankanni, in Tamil Nadu in India she has come to be known as Annai Velangkanni, meaning Mother of Velangkanni just as Mary our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Fatima

Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is located on a high land in the area of Mount Leuser National Park, 96 kms north west of Medan city. The area has dense forest clear river water and various wild life, especially the orangutans. Here is one of the original habitat of orangutans beside south Kalimantan. Rehabilitation for ever domesticated animal is also established the location called Bohorok, near Bukit Lawang. Bukit Lawang is the last town before a wide area of Leisure National Park. During weekend the town is always full loads with the travelers from Medan beside the foreign tourists hitting the town. See tour program to Orangutans.

White Water Rafting

North Sumatra especially closer to the mountains has many beautiful rivers with clear and fast flowing water. One of the river called Sungai Alas was first opened by Sobek Adventure Rafting at early 1990s and soon become popular adventure tour in North Sumatra, not only for local but foreign travelers. Pacto Tours i the first operator on the river rafting in North sumatra.

Berastagi Highland Town

Berastagi town is located 1300 meters above sea level with its nice temperature and beautiful panorama, and exciting trek to mount Sinabung and Mount Sibayak. This town has become the weekend destination also for resident of Medan city which is 70 kms away. The town is the capital city of the Batak Karo ethnic land. For foreign visitors Berastagi and its surrounding is a place to visit unique traditional village of the Batak and the water fall at Sibolangit. Some good accommodations are available at Berastagi town.

Parapat Danau Toba

From Berastagi town to Parapat town is a tremendous distance of 106 kms and on the way there is a heritage from ancient Batak king at Pematang Purba village a long house in wood with many rooms in it, set in the left and right side of a gallery loads to a special room where the king was staying. This is not a real palace, but like a place or house where the king formed his more then 100 wives. On the est corner of the house is carved the chronology each with the name of the king, starting 1886 AD until end part of 20th century. Near Parapat town or at the northern border of lake Toba is magnificent Sipiso-piso waterfall, 300 meters from main road. The highlight of natural wonder of nature is lake Toba and its island of Samosir on which legend and history of the Toba Batak ethnic is a wealth of north Suamtra. See tour package to lake Toba. Parapat town as the capital of Toba Batak has some standard hotels for international visitors


Sumatra island offers great choice of sightseeing such as orangutans, lake Toba, traditional Batak village, water fall, and various wild life farming and plantations. Lake Toba is the most beautiful scenery in Indonesia with Samosir island on it, creation of natural disaster 70.000 years ago Lake Toba Tour Package Lake Toba Samosir

Shrimad temple Medan