Rumah BolonRumah Bolon, that is the name known by every traveler to North Sumatra on the way from Berastagi to Parapat, around 74 kms from Berastagi, after famous waterfall of Sipisopiso, close to Parapat town and legendary lake Toba with Samosir island in it. This area is belong to the administration of Kabupaten Simalungun, one of the area belong to the Batak people historically different from other Batak people such as Toba, Fakfak, Karo and Mandailing. According to their place Rumah Bolon is located on the area of Pematang Purba 150 meters entering the place from main road, which is today become an administrative area of Kecamatan. One kabupaten administration can consist of many lower units of administration called kecamatan. After independence of Indonesia most kingdom structure existing within Indonesia changed name but still equivalent with new administrative region, that is why Indonesia has unique with many levels of state organization compared to other countries.

ColumnBatak people is one of the many Indonesian ethnic groups having more developed culture, and is one of the 3 ethnics that introduces writing beside Javanese and Balinese. Batak alphabets has been registered in international unicode and can be viewed by charset utf-8. It is amazing to know that the type of alphabet showing no influence of Indian or any other culture, while most of Asia writings at least showing strong influence of India or China.

Pematang Purba seemed a strong kingdom in the past with developed culture, which is proved by the introduction of writing, use of family names before the arrival of Christianity. They had good administration as their king historic reign is well recorded which is now printed on monument in the area of Rumah Bolon. When writer visited the place in 1997 and talk with the guardian of the house they do not know if there is any original document from the kingdom as the reference of the kings and his respective reign, but they know the periodization of the king as below :

1. Tuan Pangultop Ultop 1624 – 1648, 2. Tuan Ranjinman 1648 - 1669, 3. Tuan Batran 1692 – 1717, 4. Tuan Bakkaraja 1718 – 1738, 5. Tuan Baringin 1738 – 1769, 6. Tuan Bona Batu 1709 – 1780, 7. Tuan Raja Ulan 1781 – 1796, 8. Tuan Atian 1800 – 1825, 9. Tuan Horma Bulan 1826 – 1856, 10. Tuan Raondop 1856 – 1886, 11. Tuan Rahalim 1886 – 1921, 12. Tuan Karel Tanjung 1921 – 1931, 13. Tuan Mogang 1933 – 1947

Local tradition mentioned that king Rahalim as king of Purba XI extended his influence to the area of Simalungun, not only within the area of Pematang Purba. He was living at the Rumah Bolon with his 24 spouses each provided 1 room. After the independence where kingdoms merged into Republic of Indonesia in 1945, the palace has changed into a museum and is open to the visitor to visit the whole heritage of the kingdom.


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